RADIUSdesk Installer Project

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So this will be my first post for 2014, I have a new project I am working on which is called RADIUSdesk Installer. The project comprises of shell scripts that help simplify the process of getting a working RADIUSdesk server. The script takes away the stress of installing various bits and pieces that makes up RADIUSdesk. I have put together a video walkthrough showing you what the script does. The project will be evolving as I intend to support multiple Linux Operating system like Debian, Ubuntu etc.

Project Home Page

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough – UPDATE 2

Happy New Year!

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Hello guys, I start the new year with the wish that we cover a lot of technology topics. Before I get ahead of my self, I will like to say “Happy New Year” and welcome to 2014, I have a lot planned technologically speaking, we have new categories ranging from Laravel to Mesh Networks and more of RadiusDesk. So I hope you are excited as I am because it will be a great journey as we unleash and demystify a whole lot. Stay Tuned!



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Hey lads, its been a while since I recorded any screencast and I must say that this is due to work. If you remember, I did a screencast on setting up RADIUSdesk with CentOS and at that time, it was a pre-alpha release. I and Dirk van der Walt have decided to bring a new Video Course on Introduction to RADIUSdesk with RHEL/CentOS 6.x which will focus on setting up RADIUSdesk on CentOS including all the new technologies (Node.js, SocketIO, ExtJS etc). We hope you guys enjoy this mini course and if you do have a problem along the way while following this videos, kindly use the comment form below and we will get back to you. The Agenda/Topics in this course are:

Course Outline

  1. What is RADIUSdesk?
  2. System Requirements for RADIUSdesk 
  3. Installing RADIUSdesk on Apache 
  4. Installing FreeRADIUS with RAW support 
  5. Installing Node.js with Socket.io support 
  6. Tour of RADIUSdesk User Interface 
  7. Creating Profiles and Profile components 
  8. Creating Permanent Users
  9. Creating an Access Provider and Realm 
  10. Installing CoovaChilli for Captive Portal 
  11. CoovaChilli Captive Portal with VLAN support and Custom Pages

Lesson Files

Lesson Files (Download)

Some people have requested for the 64 bit (x86_64) versions of FreeRADIUS with RLM_RAW  support for dynamic clients, so here you go.

64-bit FreeRADIUS RPMs (x86_64) with RLM_RAW Support

CMP410 – Data Communications and Networks

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Welcome to the Course page for CMP410 – Data Communications and Networks, a course designed to introduce you the fundamentals of Communication network technologies. This course page will contain Notes, Practical materials, links to relevant resources as related to the CMP410 Course.

Network Template (No Routing Protocol enabled)

CMP410 Network Template

Static Routes – 08/05/2013

Static Routes (PowerPoint)

Static Routes (Packet Tracer – FIXED) Note!!!: I have modified Router 2 (R2) by replacing the HWIC-4ESW interface with WIC-1ENET.

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) – 15/05/2013

RIPv1 (PowerPoint)

RIPv1 (Packet Tracer)

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) – 05/06/2013

OSPF (PowerPoint)

OSPF (Packet Tracer)

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) – 12/06/2013

EIGRP (PowerPoint)

EIGRP (Packet Tracer)