Playing Catchup

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Hey everyone, so I have been very distracted with work and other activities that has hindered me from posting anything new on my blog since December of 2014. I am very much active for those of you wondering, I have just been re-arranging a few things. A lot has also happened including a featured interview with Daily Trust, Consulting for a Startup in Israel where I helped Integrate Openshift with Microsoft .NET environment and much more.

To kickstart 2015 (I know we are already in May 2015), I will be adding a few contents that will for the most part be new and some an update to some videos I must have made in the past like on RadiusDesk, Openshift, OpenStack, CentOS 7, Docker and Containers, Polymer and Web Components, Laravel (PHP), MongoDB and GDG to name a few. This has been my major areas of interest lately and expect a lot.

As a GDG lead for Bingham University, I also help maintain the website and tech events. In fact, in June, we will be having a Google I/O Extended event where we replay the Keynote from Google I/O and have a bunch of tech talks and Code Labs.

I will be coming back with more/frequent post about what my experiences are including future projects.

Happy New Year!

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Hello guys, I start the new year with the wish that we cover a lot of technology topics. Before I get ahead of my self, I will like to say “Happy New Year” and welcome to 2014, I have a lot planned technologically speaking, we have new categories ranging from Laravel to Mesh Networks and more of RadiusDesk. So I hope you are excited as I am because it will be a great journey as we unleash and demystify a whole lot. Stay Tuned!


My Newest Wall Paper

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I was just inspired by the article on Nettuts that I fired up Photoshop and cooked up this Desktop Wallpaper. I hope you like the geeky concept. You are free to download and use at will if you want and let me know what you think about too.

TDD Wall Papper


NOTE: To download, Click on the Image and save to your PC/MAC!