RADIUSDesk Installer – Ansible

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RADIUSDesk Installer has undergone a rewrite and now uses the powerful Ansible automation tool to provision new RADIUSDesk servers. This video provides a walk-through on how to get started with the new Installer.

Ansible Host & Groups

Let me know in the comments if you have any problems or will like to share your use cases or if you are extending the installer to support more complex environments.

CoovaChilli Setup on CentOS 6

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Following the recent YFi Hotspot Manager Screencasts, we continue by setting up the CoovaChilli captive portal software on CentOS 6.  The video assumes you have followed the YFi Hotspot Manager procedure outline in the previous Screencast. Also, I pointed out some minor tweaks made to correct some errors when creating (building) the CoovaChilli RPM.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Cheers!


CoovaChilli RPM

CoovaChilli SRPM

Note: Download and Unzip the file to use coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.src.rpm or coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.i686.rpm


All Hail the new RadiusDesk

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Not so long ago, I posted a video of a powerful FreeRADIUS front end called YFi Hotspot Manager created by Dirk van der Walt. I am here with yet another announcement of a new project that Dirk is working on and it is called RadiusDesk. This is a modern webtop for FreeRADIUS using the latest technologies like REST APIs, ExtJs Javascript Library, CakePHP PHP framework and so on. The project is still pre-alpha and it is in active development (as seen in the SVN trunk) but because I always like to play with bleeding edge technologies, I have decided to post another video on how to setup RadiusDesk on CentOS 6 which should be the same with RHEL 6 and similar distros.

The links used in the Video can be found below so feel free to drop any comment and if you need help, I will be glad to assist.

RadiusDesk Source



Cisco Academy Safari Conference 2012

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So we just came back from a two-day Safari conference organized by Cisco in Lagos to bring together different academies who participated in Cisco Evolution Migration last month. The event was hosted by University of Lagos and some prominent people from Unilag and Cisco where in attendance. They include a representative of the Ogun State Governor, Cisco General Manager, Nigeria, Cisco Sub-Sahara Manager, Bingham University, American University of Nigeria, University of Jos to name a few. Also, some interesting presentations from Gabriel and Renaldo of the American University of Nigeria who presented ways to get more out of Cisco Packet Tracer, IPv6 etc. Some Academies where also recognized and awarded certificates and gifts for their in-depth participation in the Cisco Academy Program. I have posted some pictures from the event, Enjoy!

Pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/107672127629865736327/albums/5767006360820361057

MPLS for absolute beginners

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I have always be puzzled and amazed by Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and its technical jargons. I was privileged to write a short absolute beginner introduction and article for Nigerian Network Administrators group at LinkedIn and will like to share it with you all. Happy reading and I will follow this with a video walk through showing a simple MPLS VPN setup and configuration using Cisco 7200 routers on GNS3. I hope you enjoy this…

MPLS for absolute beginners


MPLS VPN (Video on Blip.tv)