Making Android SDK Installer work with Windows 7/8 64bit and JDK x64

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Java, Windows

So it happened that I had to install a fresh copy of the Android SDK for windows when I discovered that even though I had the Java Development Kit (JDK) x64 installed, it was not recognized by the windows installer. So after trying to set a new environment variable called JAVA_HOME so that I can force the installer to see my installation of JDK, it failed and I had to result to one thing that every sane techie does, consult Google. As usual, there were lots of trial and errors until someone figure a “hacky” way of doing it.

Displaying WampServer 2 Tray Icon in Windows 7 on Boot

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Windows

Windows Operating System

I have always had a workaround for displaying WampServer 2 tray icon on Windows 7. This might be irrelevant to some of you but I prefer to put the server Offline or online at will and the fastest way of doing that is to click on the small tray icon. Today, I found an easier way of showing the tray icon by combining one line of command in a batch script. Here is what you should do:

  1. Install WampServer 2
  2. Click on “Start Icon”  > “All Programs” and right-click on “Startup ->Open“.
  3. Create a new file, call it “wamp.bat” (You can name it anything you want as long as you include the .bat) and put the following without the quotes (“start C:\wamp\wampmanager.exe“).

Now any time you logoff or restart your computer, the tray icon should come up.