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I am a System Administrator and I work at Bingham University.

MPLS for absolute beginners

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Cisco

I have always be puzzled and amazed by Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and its technical jargons. I was privileged to write a short absolute beginner introduction and article for Nigerian Network Administrators group at LinkedIn and will like to share it with you all. Happy reading and I will follow this with a video walk through showing a simple MPLS VPN setup and configuration using Cisco 7200 routers on GNS3. I hope you enjoy this…

MPLS for absolute beginners


MPLS VPN (Video on

Bingham University Applicant Portal: Break Even Point Reached!

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Projects

After About two and half weeks, The Bingham Applicant portal has held up really well and have just reached the Break even point (what was spent has been recovered). This is a good time for us since we can actually monitor the profit made from the system. Even though some tweaks and features have to be added for the next version, we can conclude that the system was not a failure regarding all the negative traction it attracted before launch. As usual I will get back to you as the system evolves, so let me have you comments.

Bingham University Applicant Portal

Proxia Global Technologies

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Miscellaneous

In the middle of all the crisis and unrest in Borno state. Proxia Global Technologies (ProxiaGT), a new company dedicated to providing quality ICT solutions to the whole of North-Eastern Nigeria continues to set the pace for competitive ICT solutions. The Company’s Managing Director, Mr. Ahmed Habu Kyarma stated that the whole idea behind bringing such an initiative is to foster the development of ICT in the region. A chat with the System Administrator, Mr. Samuel Ajoka also shared the same comments with the additional emphasis on bringing collaborators and strengthening ICT training in the state. As an extra insight on the technology used for ProxiaGT website, Mr. Samuel Ajoka mentioned the use of Codeigniter framework to rapidly bring-up the concept design and advanced logic found around the blog section.
As I blog about this new company, I will like to say that I believe in their vision and mission. Check out the website and let me here your comments.

Proxia Global Technology

Bingham University Applicant Portal: Codeigniter to the rescue

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Projects

We have just launched the Bingham University Applicant Portal which uses Codeigniter 2.0 as its core. Some custom build plugins and helpers was develop to handle the customized behaviour of the portal. Over the coming weeks, I will be blogging about challenges faced during implementation, bug fixes and addition of features. A huge thumbs up to the codeigniter community for making a solid PHP framework that stands out in it’s own unique way.

Bingham University Applicant Portal