CoovaChilli Setup on CentOS 6

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Linux, Networking

Following the recent YFi Hotspot Manager Screencasts, we continue by setting up the CoovaChilli captive portal software on CentOS 6.  The video assumes you have followed the YFi Hotspot Manager procedure outline in the previous Screencast. Also, I pointed out some minor tweaks made to correct some errors when creating (building) the CoovaChilli RPM.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Cheers!


CoovaChilli RPM

CoovaChilli SRPM

Note: Download and Unzip the file to use coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.src.rpm or coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.i686.rpm


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Mfawa Alfred Onen

I am a System Administrator and I work at Bingham University.
  • Hi Mfawa,

    Thanks so much for the videos, I followed it and I managed to complete all. The only problem is in the end when I go to and try to connect it gives me Authentication failure, do you have any idea what I did wrong? Many thanks, André

    • You need to edit the file /etc/raddb/rlm_perl_modules/ and change the line with my $self = {'config_file' => '/usr/local/etc/raddb/rlm_perl_modules/conf/settings.conf'} to my $self = {'config_file' => '/etc/raddb/rlm_perl_modules/conf/settings.conf'} and restart freeradius by issuing service radiusd start. I missed it in the video and I am sorry about that.

      • Andre

        Hi Mfawa,

        Thanks again, it did work but I wasn’t able to get to internet… I´m new to freeradius and I don´t know what to do next. Let me try to explain what I´m doing. I have a Bakery so I want to give to my customers vouchers to use the internet and I could not use the virtual box because the PC that I´m using is as P4 and does not support virtualizations so I have to follow you videos to get YFI 6 install. What should I do next to get the PC´s and Mobiles phone diverted to type the voucher when they connect to my Wi-fi that is connected to the eth0 of the linux? Best regards, André

  • Claudinir

    hi Mfawa, please:

    follow all the tutorial and was not created in the folder chilli / etc. performed again and still does not create the / etc / chilli / how do I start the chilli?

    File not found: coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.i686.rpm

  • thuya

    Dear Bro,

    I don’t have “coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.i686.rpm”. Please share and assist to me.


  • Claudinir

    Hey man, perfect job! Amazing, everything is working perfectly. Tks for your help and time!

    You already integrated the chilli with paypal, you know how or where to find some tutorial?

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hey @claudinir:disqus, I have not tried the PayPal payment implementation (because PayPal does not accept payments from Nigeria) but someone did an implementation (using perl) which you can find and adopt to any language of your choice.

      • Claudinir

        Tks! go to work.

        You now how to add a new NIC (tp-link TF-3239DL – chipset realtek 8139?

        I don’t know who make this and i have problens to find any documetatios..

        • Claudinir

          Hey man, relex! I found the correct driver and compiled, now everything is working perfectly! TKS

  • Linn Thu

    Hi Brother, I can entered using this “dvdwalt@ri ” and I also configured these …
    /etc/chilli/ (iptables -A PREROUTING -t NAT -o $WANIF -j MASQUERADE)


    But My Client PC can’t access the internet ! What things do i need to check and configure ?

    Thanks Bro …

  • claudinir

    I gave up installing radius desk and went back to yfi HotSpot.

    I managed to install and authenticate user, but even adding MASQUERADE, I can not access the internet.

    Do you have any suggestions?


  • James Otiniano R

    Can you help me with an error; when I start service chilli, I have this error:

    Oct 29 15:49:13 smart coova-chilli[15611]: options.c: 181: could not
    generate configuration (/var/run/chilli.15611.cfg.bin), sleeping one
    Oct 29 15:49:14 smart chilli_opt: util.c: 103: Not able to parse URL port:!
    Oct 29 15:49:14 smart chilli_opt: main-opt.c: 621: Failed to parse uamserver:!

  • thet paing

    hi bro, i can not entered ‘dvdwalt@ri’ and password. Please help me bro.

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hello thet paing, can you describe what you tried or possibly send some screenshots showing the error. Cheers!

      • thet paing

        I get it bro. My error was the same Andre’s error.Thanks for it bro. Sorry for my English writing skill .

  • Hammad Hassan Khan

    Thanks Muffy a very nice tutorial.

    I need some help, while building the rpm for coova-chilli, I get following error,

    RPM build errors:
    File listed twice: /etc/chilli/www/
    File listed twice: /usr/sbin/chilli_script
    Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

    can you please guide me what should I do?

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hello Hammad, here is a link to the spec file I use when compiling CoovaChilli to an RPM

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Another way to go about skipping this error is by adding the following to your SPEC file

      %define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 0

      • donidimon .

        You are genius!! Thanks

    • Hammad Hassan Khan

      I have added the following lines in coova-chilli.spec file in the section’%files’


      this completed the build and afterwards I followed your tutorial. Thanks.

      • Mfawa Alfred Onen

        Great to here that!

  • Hammad Hassan Khan

    I am having some more issues, when I connect a client on my Hotspot port, the DNS is not working which I assume I should install the DNS server on my server. The main issue for now is the Connect option on captive portal is not working, the rest of the links works just fine but when I click on Connect nothing happens.

    Can you please guide me with the connect option of captive portal?

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hammad, I understand that when you try to connect, it does nothing. Except you are hosting a domain, you might not need a DNS server and will instead use your ISP DNS servers. As for the Connect option, I believe you can check the logs. Are you using NGINX or Apache? There is an opensource project I am working on which simplifies the process of installing RADIUSdesk on a RHEL/CentOS server, at the moment, it does not install CoovaChilli for you but will be incorporated soon.

      • Hammad Hassan Khan

        I am using Apache and there is nothing relevant there. I have noticed the connect button has ‘#’ as href value, is this the correct value in our case?

        • Mfawa Alfred Onen

          It is actually triggered via JavaScript. Did you change the uam.php to match what you have in HS_UAMSECRET of Coova?

          • Hammad Hassan Khan

            I’m trying to debug the issue. Yes I have updated the UAMSECRET as you mentioned in the video.

            I have opened the browser console and when I click on connect button it gives following error on browser consol.

            Get latest status custom.js:37
            GET jquery.min.js:4
            f.(anonymous function)jquery.min.js:4
            (anonymous function)mobile.php:71

            • Mfawa Alfred Onen

              You can send me a teamviewer access so that we can debug it together. muffycompoqm[at]

  • Jaime Gil

    Hi Mfawa. Is it possible to apply this for easyhotspot? I mean, the interface of captive portal. I’m running ubuntu server with coovachilli + easyhotspot but the coovachilli login page is very simple, it don’t show any information status as time logged, time left, etc.

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hello Jaime Gil, I believe you should be able to use it but I haven’t tried it myself and one thing you need to know is that the Login pages for YFI Hotspot Manager may be tightly coupled which will mean that it might not work 100% as expected. You might want to check out the RADIUSDesk project which is an updated & modern version of YFI Hotspor Manager. Also, if you want to give that a try, you might want to use the RADIUSDesk installer I created for RADIUSdesk found here Regards

  • izzat izzuddin

    Hi, how do i to connect my radius server to wireless access point? And any specifc setting and configuration that i need to do to make sure that my client can use the captive portal by connecting to wifi access point

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hello @izzat_izzuddin:disqus, to actually make your Access Points work with your radius server, you might have to flash the APs with CoovaAP firmware or something that supports captive portals. Better still, you can setup a RADIUS server and install CoovaChilli to help with your captive portal details.

  • Josh

    Hi Alfred,

    Thanks for such good videos.

    I followed them and successully install Yfi and coovachilli.
    But Chilli service don’t start.

    I found bellow errors in log messages :
    “Sep 1 12:40:52 localhost kernel: tun0: Disabled Privacy Extensions
    Sep 1 12:40:52 localhost coova-chilli[5146]: tun.c: 605: TX queue length set to 100
    Sep 1 12:40:52 localhost coova-chilli[5146]: redir.c: 1708: 92 (Protocol not available) setsockopt(SO_REUSEPORT)
    Sep 1 12:40:52 localhost coova-chilli[5146]: chilli.c: 7251: Failed to create redir listen
    Sep 1 12:40:52 localhost kernel: libfcoe_device_notification: NETDEV_UNREGISTER tun0
    Sep 1 12:40:52 localhost coova-chilli[5148]: main-script.c: 94: Running /etc/chilli/ (0/0)

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hello @Josh, this seems to be a problem with CoovaChilli. Looks like it can not create the tun0 interface needed by CoovaChilli to tunnel traffic over the LAN interface. You could try Googling for similar errors and see what comes up. Regards!

      • Josh

        You are right: The tun0 is not created.
        I’m googling for 3 days now and dont yet find the reason.

        I’m working with wmware.
        First, it complains with the message :
        “The virtual machines operating system has attempted to enable promiscuous mode on adapter Ethernet0. This is not allowed for security reasons.”
        I solve this issue with a VMWare Kb (

        The Lan interface now run in promiscuous mod but the tun0 interface still fail to be created.

        • Josh

          I solved the problem by upgrading the Kernel.

          • Mfawa Alfred Onen

            @josh thank you so much for the feedback. So do you think the stock kernel didn’t play nice with vmware?

            • Josh

              @Alfred , I think the problem may not concerning vmware.
              It’s certainely a lack of Centos 6.2 initial kernel ( The complain about “Protocol not available” on “SO_REUSEPORT” leads me to think so.
              That’s why I try to upgrade the kernel to a newer one and I get the problem resolved.

              • Mfawa Alfred Onen

                Thanks @Josh

  • maroot worasarn

    How can i use coova-chilli on ClearOS 6.x?

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      @marootworasarn:disqus, I have not tried ClearOS but being a redhat base distro, it might work just like CentOS/RHEL.

  • izzat izzuddin

    after long time i leave my radius server i can’t open login page for yfi hotspot manager,help me please

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Can you tell me what the error messages are? is there any weird apart from not displaying the login page?

      • izzat izzuddin

        glad i have solve this problem by myself. One more question, i have connect my pc to the access point but i still cannot get login page to yfi. My ip and gateway are same with yfi server but it doesnt direct to login page,so how to solve it

        • Mfawa Alfred Onen

          Glad to hear your fixed it. You can try to force the login page to come up by visiting YFI Server IP e.g:

          • izzat izzuddin

            I have try it but still can’t access and it doesn’t redirect to captive portal login page. At the same time my wireless interface cannot get internet access

  • Minh Ha

    How many CCU chilli can handle in case chilli is installed on server?

  • kathir

    hi, hope you remember me, i am trying to contact you for a long time.

  • mustafa saraç

    Hi all

    I’ve just installed chillispot access point on centos 6.7 and everything works except https:// redirect to my login page

    If i type in my web broswer —> I get redirected to my login page, this works

    If i type in my web broswer —> I get “failed to connect”

    If i login using the first example i can then surf the web using https:// web sites

    Has anybody got any thoughts on this?


  • Mohammed Sarfaraz

    Hi All,

    I have installed coovachilli in raspberry pi everything works fine but the issue i am facing is using Its JSON interface.It is not working for Logon.Any help will be a great help.
    Also how you forcefull logout a user from admin can u advice????

  • Hi Boss

    Please i am having difficulty in setting this up on CENTOS 7

    • Hello @azeezbadmus:disqus , what kind of difficulty and issues are you encountering with CoovaChilli on CentOS 7?

      • Thanks for your reply

        I had to go through your video again to get it to the point at which i had issues i found my mistakes

        however after my first installation of the yfi the login page opens but doesnt show the username or password boxes

        so i want to try to use radius desk with this one will let you know how it goes