CoovaChilli Setup on CentOS 6

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Linux, Networking

Following the recent YFi Hotspot Manager Screencasts, we continue by setting up the CoovaChilli captive portal software on CentOS 6.  The video assumes you have followed the YFi Hotspot Manager procedure outline in the previous Screencast. Also, I pointed out some minor tweaks made to correct some errors when creating (building) the CoovaChilli RPM.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Cheers!


CoovaChilli RPM

CoovaChilli SRPM

Note: Download and Unzip the file to use coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.src.rpm or coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.i686.rpm


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