Displaying WampServer 2 Tray Icon in Windows 7 on Boot

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I have always had a workaround for displaying WampServer 2 tray icon on Windows 7. This might be irrelevant to some of you but I prefer to put the server Offline or online at will and the fastest way of doing that is to click on the small tray icon. Today, I found an easier way of showing the tray icon by combining one line of command in a batch script. Here is what you should do:

  1. Install WampServer 2
  2. Click on “Start Icon” ¬†> “All Programs” and right-click on “Startup¬†->Open“.
  3. Create a new file, call it “wamp.bat” (You can name it anything you want as long as you include the .bat) and put the following without the quotes (“start C:\wamp\wampmanager.exe“).

Now any time you logoff or restart your computer, the tray icon should come up.

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Mfawa Alfred Onen

I am a System Administrator and I work at Bingham University.
  • Hello Anon,You might not use it, but there are n number of popele around who use WAMP. Also LAMP (Linux Apache MySql PHP) works for Linux OS while WAMP (Windows Apache MySql PHP) is made for Windows OS.Anyways it completely depends on you to select as both are available for free.

  • Michael Obi

    I have been having problems with wampserver. It does not start up completely. The icon in the notification area is always yellow. I prefer wamp for its simplicity, but this is just another reason to use xaamp. Any reason or fix for this problem?

    • Mfawa Alfred Onen

      Hi Michael, Sometimes WAMP server turns yellow when one module is not proper loaded. You can try checking if both Apache and MySQL have started successfully by looking at their service status. Also are you using the 64-bit version of WAMP?

  • You have more uesful info than the British had colonies pre-WWII.

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