Select a random row in MySQL

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in MySQL, PHP

I know this topic is not a new one and I was playing with the solutions out there but most of them just don’t scale for me until I found this interesting was of doing it. It actually involves a three (3) query step process which you can checkout in the PHP script below. I have also attached a zip version of the script.

Making Android SDK Installer work with Windows 7/8 64bit and JDK x64

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So it happened that I had to install a fresh copy of the Android SDK for windows when I discovered that even though I had the Java Development Kit (JDK) x64 installed, it was not recognized by the windows installer. So after trying to set a new environment variable called JAVA_HOME so that I can force the installer to see my installation of JDK, it failed and I had to result to one thing that every sane techie does, consult Google. As usual, there were lots of trial and errors until someone figure a “hacky” way of doing it.

Cisco Academy Safari Conference 2012

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So we just came back from a two-day Safari conference organized by Cisco in Lagos to bring together different academies who participated in Cisco Evolution Migration last month. The event was hosted by University of Lagos and some prominent people from Unilag and Cisco where in attendance. They include a representative of the Ogun State Governor, Cisco General Manager, Nigeria, Cisco Sub-Sahara Manager, Bingham University, American University of Nigeria, University of Jos to name a few. Also, some interesting presentations from Gabriel and Renaldo of the American University of Nigeria who presented ways to get more out of Cisco Packet Tracer, IPv6 etc. Some Academies where also recognized and awarded certificates and gifts for their in-depth participation in the Cisco Academy Program. I have posted some pictures from the event, Enjoy!