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RADIUSDesk Installer – Ansible

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Linux, Networking

RADIUSDesk Installer has undergone a rewrite and now uses the powerful Ansible automation tool to provision new RADIUSDesk servers. This video provides a walk-through on how to get started with the new Installer.

Ansible Host & Groups

Let me know in the comments if you have any problems or will like to share your use cases or if you are extending the installer to support more complex environments.

Playing Catchup

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Hey everyone, so I have been very distracted with work and other activities that has hindered me from posting anything new on my blog since December of 2014. I am very much active for those of you wondering, I have just been re-arranging a few things. A lot has also happened including a featured interview with Daily Trust, Consulting for a Startup in Israel where I helped Integrate Openshift with Microsoft .NET environment and much more.

To kickstart 2015 (I know we are already in May 2015), I will be adding a few contents that will for the most part be new and some an update to some videos I must have made in the past like on RadiusDesk, Openshift, OpenStack, CentOS 7, Docker and Containers, Polymer and Web Components, Laravel (PHP), MongoDB and GDG to name a few. This has been my major areas of interest lately and expect a lot.

As a GDG lead for Bingham University, I also help maintain the website and tech events. In fact, in June, we will be having a Google I/O Extended event where we replay the Keynote from Google I/O and have a bunch of tech talks and Code Labs.

I will be coming back with more/frequent post about what my experiences are including future projects.

RADIUSdesk Installer Project

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Linux, Projects, Shell Scripting

So this will be my first post for 2014, I have a new project I am working on which is called RADIUSdesk Installer. The project comprises of shell scripts that help simplify the process of getting a working RADIUSdesk server. The script takes away the stress of installing various bits and pieces that makes up RADIUSdesk. I have put together a video walkthrough showing you what the script does. The project will be evolving as I intend to support multiple Linux Operating system like Debian, Ubuntu etc.

Project Home Page

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough – UPDATE 2