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Playing Catchup

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Hey everyone, so I have been very distracted with work and other activities that has hindered me from posting anything new on my blog since December of 2014. I am very much active for those of you wondering, I have just been re-arranging a few things. A lot has also happened including a featured interview with Daily Trust, Consulting for a Startup in Israel where I helped Integrate Openshift with Microsoft .NET environment and much more.

To kickstart 2015 (I know we are already in May 2015), I will be adding a few contents that will for the most part be new and some an update to some videos I must have made in the past like on RadiusDesk, Openshift, OpenStack, CentOS 7, Docker and Containers, Polymer and Web Components, Laravel (PHP), MongoDB and GDG to name a few. This has been my major areas of interest lately and expect a lot.

As a GDG lead for Bingham University, I also help maintain the website and tech events. In fact, in June, we will be having a Google I/O Extended event where we replay the Keynote from Google I/O and have a bunch of tech talks and Code Labs.

I will be coming back with more/frequent post about what my experiences are including future projects.