Bingham University Applicant Portal: Matriculation Number Automation!

Written by Mfawa Alfred Onen on . Posted in Projects

This week we have decided to automate the Matriculation number generation of the Registry unit by creating a module that plugs into the existing Applicants Portal. A RESTFul API has been proposed to unify all the applications running on Bingham Operating System (Codename: Bingham OS). The Matriculation number module is currently at alpha 1 stage with the ability to assign a Matriculation number to an admitted applicant/candidate and generate a summary of allocated Matriculation numbers by departments for official use thanks to CodeIgniter.

We intend to finalize the decision and the direction of the proposed RESTFul API before the end of next week by the Grace of God. So until then, this has been another blog article from Bingham ICT team.

Mfawa Alfred Onen

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Mfawa Alfred Onen

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